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Learn How to Price Carpet and How to Install Carpet Yourself

September 21, 2012 Learn How to Price Carpet and How to Install Carpet Yourself

Click the link at the bottom of the page to watch a great video about how to price carpet .....but in the meantime, here's how to measure for new carpeting in your home or commercial place of business.

Draw a room diagram with a bird's-eye view as if looking down on the room from above. You do not have to draw it to scale, but you need to include all the walls, doorways and other areas that are in the area. If you have multiple rooms to carpet, draw a diagram for each, or a floor plan for each floor.

Use the measuring tape and measure the length of all the areas on your diagram. Write these areas down on your diagram, making sure to clearly indicate which measurement applies to the appropriate area. Round up length to the nearest half foot. For example, if a wall is 10 feet 8 inches long, round up to 11 feet.

List each room or area by square footage. Take the lengths of the walls and multiply them by one another to get the square footage. For example, if a room is 10 feet by 8 feet, that room needs 80 square feet of carpet. Add up the total square footage for each room to figure your basic requirements.

Add 10 percent and divide by nine. You'll need another 10 percent or so of carpet for joints and seems. Multiply your basic carpet area by 1.1 to get the total area needed. Divide this number by nine to get the number of square yards required.

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  5. My parents are looking at getting new carpeting for their house. My dad really likes to do things himself, so this post will be really helpful for him.
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  6. How would you go about measuring a circular room? Will I have to do the whole math equation of finding the area of a circle? I never really was good at math so that would be tough for me. Are there any easier tricks that I can do?
    -Seamus |

  7. I never knew that you could just install your own carpet. I am going to do this when I get the carpet. I don't like having hard floors and little toddlers. It is scary when they are trying to walk.

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  9. We had a lot of pet problems so we had to remove the carpet completely and let the room air out. Now we're planning on installing a new carpet. This is a great article explaining the necessary steps. Drawing a diagram should help a lot in keeping things organized throughout the whole project. Thanks for the article!

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